Photoshoot Abs vs. Normal Abs

First, we need to dispel a misconception about “normal” abs vs. “photoshoot” abs.

Normal Abs:

These are my abs on a normal basis – not a highly vascular post-workout pumped up photo or after cutting carbs for a week, but what I look like at a “resting state” after probably ~5 hrs of fasting. The lighting is this photo is harsh and gives my body a very flat appearance.

Photoshoot Abs:

This guy’s abs are ripped for a professional photo shoot. His prep was probably 2-3 weeks of low carb, then the night prior to the shoot upping his carbs a bit to help fill out and get the skin tight while dehydrating and throwing in a quick workout to complete the fully ripped look. The lighting here is excellent and fully captures the muscular separation and definition.

Photoshoot Abs Are Not Sustainable

Your body works properly when adequately hydrated and coated with a certain amount of fat based upon your genetics, body type, diet, and intensity of exercise. Walking around at 1% body fat is unhealthy and unsustainable, not to mention you will feel like shit after maintaining your Photoshoot Abs for too long.

Don’t get discouraged from your goals when you come across social media posts with staged photos of Photoshoot Abs. Remember – if you similar to how I look in the photo above, you can always transform your Normal Abs into Photoshoot Abs within 1-2 weeks through the techniques mentioned above!

Don’t be fooled by the bullshit.

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