3 Reasons to Fast Through Breakfast

Your body and your mitochondries need to avoid burnout. A 12 hour fast is a great way to reset your system and amp up your fat burning. There is no better time to do it than from bedtime to early afternoon because you’re asleep for half of it (10pm-10am).

  • Increased Focus and Alertness

With last night’s dinner digested long ago, you feel responsive and highly alert, slightly hungry but not enough where it impairs your cognitive abilities. It’s like when you have that big lunch at work then can barely knock out the remainder of the afternoon because you have brain fog from overeating and feel lethargic.

  • Energy

Your gut is empty which means you are maximizing blood flow to your brain in lieu of forcing your body to cope with digesting an entire breakfast sitting in your stomach.

  • Burn Fat

As the food from the previous night gets digested and blood sugar normalizes, your body tapers off the production of insulin which green-lights your body to start burning fat once again. A 12 hour fast is a good timeframe for capturing this fat burn window without being too long that you cannot do it sustainably.

It is not easy to break habits that you have trained yourself to take part in every single day. I get it, that is why WILLPOWER is what separates you from the rest of society that makes excuses why they can’t do something as easy as not stuff their faces for a few extra hours in the morning. Fasting is essential to burning fat and getting serious about building a body where you are not afraid of the mirror. Have a black coffee while fasting (even though this is not a “true” fast, for our purposes it is fine) to keep energy levels up while adjusting to your new routine.

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